What Cigarette Brands Can You Buy in Budapest?

Smokers need not worry – there are several kinds of imported cigarette brands at tobacco stores in Budapest, Hungary.

I quite like the forum of TripAdvisor, it’s a very useful site for reading opinions and asking for advice on all kinds of cities, countries. Now one of the users coming to Hungary wanted to know what brands you can smoke. Here’s my answer:

In general, most tobacco stores sell foreign brands like Marlboro, Pall Mall, L&M, Davidoff, Philip Morris, Eve, Vogue, Camel, Kent, Lucky Strike, Gauloise, Regal, etc. Some sell Benson & Hedges, Dunhill, etc.

Some communist cigarette brands in Hungary

Hungarian cigarette brands have not managed to get among the luxury brands yet, but there are acceptable mid-range local brands. Probably the top three Hungarian cigarette brands are Sopiane (nickname in literal translation: tiger sophie), Helikon and Symphonia (or symphie). More and more people smoke light and ultra light cigarettes, and more and more bars, restaurants become less smoking, but it is still very easy to find places where you can eat, drink and smoke.

If you are not sure where to get hold of a special type of cigarette, pipe, pipe tobacco or cigar, you can expect to find some in shopping malls. Check out specialty tobacco locations on the Budapest Shopping Map (the map icon for pipe stores is the green bonfire). You can enlarge the map by clicking on the View Larger Map blue link under the map.

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