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Welcome to our blog focusing on Budapest tips, reviews and events. Even if you are not a luxury traveller, we hope that you will find valuable information in our comprehensive five-star guide, the Luxury Hotels Budapest site and it’s continuously updated informal journal, the Budapest Blog.

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We will try to bring you the best about Budapest life, and share balanced feedback from fellow travellers as well as locals (both native and expat views). Please feel free and encouraged to share your impressions on your Budapest stay too, or point to your Budapest videos, photos, blogposts, etc.

These days we are making the final touches on the site, and Anna, our Anna-of-all-trade, is getting fresh Dec 2007 videos in Budapest about hotels, landmarks, cafes, etc. – slightly slowed down by the great family parties, and wonderful dishes, not to mention the coming New Year’s Eve Party.

We hope you can bear with us, and wish you the best of 2008: love, health, bread, milk, and, of course, a fabulous Budapest stay.

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