Budai Gourmet Festival 2012 – Foodies Welcome to Budapest!

Now the Budai Gourmet Festival is coming at the beginning of June again to make all foodies, locals and foreigners happy in Budapest.

Budai Gourmet Festival Budapest

Budai Gourmet Festival Budapest

The even better news is that you can watch all the Euro 2012 games right at the festival venue on huge outdoor screens, plus enjoy the gourmet foods and drinks, probably the best bites and sips Hungary can offer. There will be lots of jazzy – folksy concerts too to make you really feel relaxed.
The venue is one of our favorites in Budapest: Millenaris Park, a contemporary cultural complex, almost at the foot of the Castle Hill (a 15 min walk down from the Buda Castle District).

Please enjoy! June 8 – 10, an amazingly good event to put down in your calendar for your Budapest trip.
Oh, and almost forgot, you can take a look at the detailed program of the 2012 Budapest Gourmet Festival here

Deryne Bistro Budapest

Deryne Bistro (formerly known as Café Déryné ) is on the Buda side of Budapest, a few minutes from the Tunnel at the Chain Bridge. It is a nice place to have dinner with pleasant live music in the background – there are not many good restaurants with good music in Budapest, so Deryne Bistro might be a really good option.

Cafe Deryne Budapest, Hungary: Déryné Bistro on Krisztina Square

Cafe Deryne Budapest, Hungary: Déryné Bistro on Krisztina Square

It is an ideal place to sit in after or before a walk up/ down the Castle hill to the Royal Palace or if you decided to walk through the Tunnel on foot. Deryne Bistro  looks trendy and eclectic. If you have older editions of travel guides (e.g. a Lonely Planet before 2008), you will get the description of a totally different cafe, which was a homey downtrodden traditional cafe and confectioner’s. Deryne Bistro is a cafe-bistro, wine-cellar etc. fashionable, anything-but-traditional place. There is lots of live music – along the jazz and swing lines.

Cafe Deryne basic info:

Address: 3 Krisztina Square, 1013 Budapest (District I)
Phone: 00-36-1-225-1407
Coffee: Santo Domingo

Deryne  Bistro has free wifi and plugs under each seat, which is still a rarity. The interior is a mixture of a cigar bar, a café and a plasma TV lounge, “the lounge area resembling something out of an Abercrombie & Fitch store (leather armchairs, dark wood, an open fireplace) ” (food police blog on Café Déryné).

No doubt, Deryne Bistro has many elements mixed and “the choice of piano bar, café, bistro, wine cellar, white table-cloth restaurant and lounge all under one roof may sound like overkill, but the ultimate effect is that it is hard to imagine Déryné empty at any time of day or night.” (Adrian from Chew), adding that “the real charm of the place is that it creates the cultured atmosphere of a cosmopolitan restaurant without the stuffiness of a super-fashionable bar or downtown tourist trap.”

As for the prices: “reasonably priced – we came away spending Ft 3,000 a head on soups, entrées and lemonade/beer (no wine).” Express lunch (portions are on the smallish side) is available between 11:30 and 15:00 and comes at about 1800 HUF. However, reading through the reviews and comments, the atmosphere and the location got more points than the kitchen and the service.

See its location on the Budapest tourist map (check the Cup icon in the middle):

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photo from Chew.hu

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