Renovated Gellert Baths, Budapest

One of the most popular Budapest baths is Gellert Baths in Danubius Hotel Gellert, the renovation of which has been partially finished this April, according to, Hungarian news portal.

Reconstructed male thermal baths in the 1917 secessionist Gellert Baths photo by Istvan Huszti at index

1917 Art Nouveau Gellert Baths Budapest

The reconstructions works (1.5 billion HUF) are challenging as the art deco style of the baths built in 1917 need to be preserved.

During the renovation period, the separate male and female thermal bath units were functioning in a co-ed style, but in a couple of weeks, you will not need to wear swimming costumes, the old apron system will come back.

Gellert Baths is coed on weekends (all pools), but during the weekdays, from Monday to Sunday, the thermal pools are men only and women only, while the standard pools with cool waters are open for all.

If it sounds confusing, it is. Gellert Baths is a huge palace of baths, so if in doubt, just ask your question in the comments.

After the second world war, there was not enough money to reconstruct more expensive art deco elements, so several details were simply replaced by cheaper socialist style solutions. The 2007-2008 baths reconstructions have brought back the glory of the 1917 Art Nouveau Gellert Baths. Enjoy!

By the way, Hotel Gellert is one of the top Budapest spa hotels, not the most exclusive or luxurious, but it will do for those who choose good value for money.

Photo by Istvan Huszti from (


  1. This is a gorgeous wonderful photo! Thanks for sharing. Would you be willing to sell the file? For years now, I have wanted to have a large print of this bathing area in the Gellert to hang over my bathtub; to remember my time there by, and so I can get back there in my head more easily when bathing.
    thank you

    • Great photos and great site. This will be my peasnorl goodmorning. I’m just in love with Budapest and I own a blog on the hungarian szecesszio in which you can find about 1400 photos of Budapest, mainly Pest side. You can use on your blog the photo you like :)See you soon in Budapest !

      • Anna at Budapest Blog says:

        Hi Elena, I cannot find your website. Where are those Budapest Art Nouveau photos? It would be really nice to have some more. :)

  2. Anne, I am sorry, I cannot sell you the photo as it’s not mine. Admittefdly, I only indicated ‘photo by’ in the file name, I will update the post too.

    This photo was made by Istvan Huszti at one of the leading Hungarian news portals called, the address for further photos is

  3. thank you very much! I enjoyed seeing the rest of the photos at the Index site. I wish I could read Hungarian! I very much appreciate your help.

    best regards, Anne

  4. Dear Anna,

    Thank you very much for the blog, it’s very beautiful and useful!
    I would have one question: how can i write you a letter?

    Thank you again :)

  5. I agree, that looks amazing. They have really put some work into restoring them correctly and it shows!

  6. Thank you for your blog! This is very helpful as my husband and I plan our trip in two weeks!

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    Budapest Panorama is the best solution!


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