Gundel Restaurant Budapest (Gundel Étterem) Photos, Basic Info and More

Gundel Budapest (also mistakenly called Gundels or Grundel Restaurant) is a has grown a solid term over the last decades in Hungary. Gundel Restaurant (Gundel Etterem) bears aristocratic majesty in its several rooms with antique furniture, walls, glasswork, etc. Although the well-known restaurant is recommended by the Budapest Michelin guide, so far no stars have been give to it (strangely enough, not to any of the restaurants in the former Eastern block behind the iron curtain).

Magnificent classical interior in Gundel Restaurant Budapest Hungary

As the New York Times’ Frommer’s travel guide writes: “Budapest’s fanciest and most famous restaurant, Gundel was reopened in 1992 under the auspices of the well-known restaurateur George Lang, owner of New York’s Café des Artistes. The Hungarian-born Lang, author of The Cuisine of Hungary, and his partner Ronald Lauder, son of Estée Lauder and a one-time New York gubernatorial candidate, spared no effort in attempting to re-create the original splendor for which Gundel, founded in 1894, achieved its international reputation.”

Gundel Restaurant in Budapest Andrea room

Sunday brunches, which change their theme every week, are quite affordable for 5800 HUF (there’s a 50% discount for children under 15, while it’s free under 5)

Gundel Restaurant  in Budapest Elisabeth ball room Erzsébet bálterem

Address: Állatkerti út 2. Budapest 1146 (14th district)
Phone: 00-36-1-468-4040
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-16:00 and 18:30-24:00, Colonnade Bar: 09:00-24:00, Sunday Brunch: 11:30-15:00
Note: Book a table in advance. Celebs are frequent, pets are not allowed (nor celeb dogs as the cross-section). Attire: formal (jackets in the evenings are obligatory). House specialties are smoked gooseliver, lamb, wild-game entrees, Gundel pancake dessert (Gundel palacsinta) with chocolate, ground walnut, etc.

Gundel Restaurant  in Budapest Music Room Zeneszoba

Getting here

  • metro (yellow underground line) at Hosok tere station
  • trolley bus: number 72, get off at either Szondi utca or Állatkert stop (the restaurant is about halfway between the two stops)

Gundel Restaurant in Budapest Andrassy Room Andrássy terem
See the location of Gundel Restaurant on the Budapest Tourist Map (check the knife and fork map icon in the middle, and click on the icons to learn more about the neighboring places of interest or click on the View Larger Map blue link under the map). Notice that Gundel Restaurant is close to the Museum of Fine Arts, the Hall of Arts and the Millennial Monument on Heroes’ Square. The restaurant is practically neighboring the Art Deco ZOO, as well as the Budapest Circus and is fairly close to the Szechenyi Baths at the City Park, and the House of Horror museum on Andrassy avenue.

View Larger Map

And this is the Salon of Gundel Budapest:

Gundel Restaurant in Budapest Salon

Nice, isn’t it?


  1. The Gundel is really nice but I think the price compared to the actual quality is not good. Gundel lives from its name.

  2. Dear,

    I would like to ask you about Sunday brunch:
    It said that it has changing all the time…but what kind of food? Is the drink in the price…and is it buffet, or we just got one soup and meal.
    I would like to come next Sunday with my family.
    Thanks and waiting for your answer.
    With the best regards,

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  3. We ate at Gundel’s last August. The pictures you see here is not what you get.
    They serve you outside and the restrooms are also outside. The food was terrible.
    And the waiter was cold and uninformative. I guess if we were movie stars or some other celebrity we would have gotten better treatment. Way over priced.

  4. Gundel ist nichts für Glutamatunverträgliche. Laut Koch ist in allen Speisen Glutamat. Auch in frischer Gänsestopfleber!? Die Küche konnte keine wirkliche Alternative anbieten. War der Chefkoch nicht da?


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