From Budapest to Vienna by Bus: Quick Guide

Traveling by bus from Budapest to Vienna is a no brainer. Here are some frequently asked questions with the answers:

How much does it cost to travel from Budapest to Vienna by bus?

The bus ticket prices vary between 2900 HUF/ 11 euros / 15 USD up to approx. 5900 HUF/ 23 euros / 35 USD (for a single bus trip) or 3900 HUF/ 14 euros / 20 USD up to approx. 8900 HUF/ 34 euros / 51 USD (for a return bus trip). It’s the price of a full adult ticket (occasionally, you can get a return ticket at the same price as a single ticket – limited edition and period). See further deals below!

Is it cheaper if I buy it online?

Buses from Budapest to Vienna Volánbusz services faux image

Yes, it is: you can buy the bus ticket on the internet for only about 2,900 HUF/ 11 euros/ 17 USD (single ticket) and 3900 HUF/ 15 euros/ 22 USD. But be careful as the ticket is only valid on the stated specific day, it cannot be modified or exchanged, and it’s not easy to get as there is a limited offer per bus) and you can buy it here on the official site of the Hungarian bus company, Volán The destination box recognizes both WIEN or VIENNA.

Are there any further deals or reductions?

If you are under 26, you can get bus tickets with a 50% reduction! In addition, if you stay a few days in Vienna, it is worth calculating with a Vienna public transport pass (2-day pass for 10 euros / 15 USD). It means that you may be better off with a train ticket combined with a Viennese public transport pass in the train ticket price. Check the current deals for trains.

Where do buses from Budapest to Vienna leave?

Buses leave from Népliget central bus station. You can easily get there by taking the metro (M3 blue metro line) and getting off at Népliget station (approx. 15-20 min from the city center, Deák tér station). You can also take the bus to Arpad Bridge, i.e. Árpád híd station, but to make sure you have a better seat (if it is not numbered) it’s better to get on the bus at the terminal (Népliget – say: nape-ligh-at).

Hey, where on earth is Népliget bus station?

OK, here’s the Budapest Tourist Map to help you (see the blue bus sign in the middle? You can also click on any of the icons to get more info, or follow the blue link ‘View Larger Map’ under the map to get a larger picture of Budapest.

View Budapest Tourist Map in a larger map

How long does the bus ride take?

Traveling time is about 3-4 hours – depending on which bus you manage to get on.

Are there any delays and inconveniences when the bus crosses the border of Austria and Hungary?

Not any more! Hungary joined the Schengen area December 21, 2007. No more borders to keep buses up for passport check. (likewise, rail passengers enjoy the same smooth crossing between the two countries).

How many buses leave from Budapest to Vienna a day? What about the bus schedule?

Bus rides are quite frequent. For instance, on a Saturday, you could leave from Budapest at 7am, 12pm, 15:30, 5pm and 8 pm. The Budapest-Vienna bus schedule on an average Wed is 7am, 12pm, 15:30, 5pm. But always check the fresh data, please.

Where can I buy Volánbusz bus tickets in Budapest?

Vendors are all over Budapest, so you don’t need to go to Népliget for no reason. Here’s a simple Budapest international bus map customized for the Budapest-Vienna travels:

Are buses comfortable?

Most of them are OK. Not super comfy, but they are OK. Personally, I have alway been favoring trains (to stretch out, to eat, etc.) so it certainly influences my judgment.

Any quick programs at Népliget bus station?

If you are stuck at Népliget and you have a couple of hours to spend, for example you want to eat something in the neighborhood: a, the city center is only 15-20 min by metro (blue metro line). b, you can have a delicious Chinese lunch or dinner at Taiwan Chinese Restaurant in Budapest (Taiwan Étterem). It’s not a budget Chinese restaurant – quite on the contrary.

Take the M3 blue metro line for 1 stop to Nagyvárad tér station (see the knife and fork sign on the map).

Buses or Trains from Budapest to Vienna?

The vast majority of users on travel forums (me added) will say: TRAINS. Here is a quick guide to a train trip: Trains from Budapest to Vienna

Last updated: June 29, 2012


  1. Dear Sir/Madam

    Could you please advise on Budapest to Vienna by train and how much it costs

    Thanks very much

    • Shujaulmulk says:

      Could you please tell me information of train from Budapest to Vienna like duration,cost and location of the railway station.

  2. Thanks for such useful information.. This kind of info are rare to found. Could you please give some tips for safety travel..?

  3. Very informative post. Tips for safety travel can be found in certain website. I found an excellent website that assists in Hotel safety tips, air travel tips, advice for women travelers and more.

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    could you please book tickets from budapest to vienna bt bus for 4 persan name mansour rafiei date 30march time 7am.
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  6. Lipizzaner hästar says:

    If you go to Vienna then you have to see the Lipizzaner horses that perform at Spanish Riding School.

  7. Is it possible to take bikes below bus or upon the roof? We, 4 men are comming from vienna to budapest by bikes. pls let me know, whether we can take the bikes back zu Wien.

  8. Thank you for the info you’ve provided, a great assistance nevertheless.In your opinion, which is the best way to reach Vienna from Budapest..the train,the bus or the hydrofoil line?..and the cheapest one also..thank you for the consideration :D

    • Anna from Budapest says:

      Hell Zac, I don’t know about your travel preferences, so it is really up to you which type of journey you prefer. (personally I am a train type of person, love the sound and atmosphere of trains, find them more environment friendly, and trust the railway more than the motorway when it’s about safety). The Budapest-Vienna hydrofoil is a really special option, the boat trip takes quite long (more than 6 hours) and is very relaxed with lots of scenery to look at. If you have a lot of time to kill, it is a nice way to cover the distance between Wien and Budapest (currently a return ticket is 109.00 EUR for an adult). Compared with the bus: the bus trip takes about 3-4 hours, and costs about 11-22 euros for a return ticket – if cheap price is the most important factor in your decision.

  9. Hi Anna,

    thank you for your quick response. Cost is also a factor, but I think time is more important.How long does it take to reach Vienna by train?And what’s the cost for a return ticket? Suppose I’ve a day to spare in Budapest and want to visit another city,except Vienna, or there any proposal you can make?Thanks again for everything.

    • Anna from Budapest says:

      Zac, this is the how to travel to Wien (Westbahnhof, Südbahnhof, Meidling) from Budapest train guide:
      Hope this helps. There are some trains (few) that reach Vienna in 3 hours, most of the trips take 4-5 hours though.
      The Hungarian online train ticket purchase system is still quite lame, sorry about that. Best to buy the train ticket in person. Currently a return full fare adult ticket from Budapest to Wien is between 25 and 31 euros. Tickets are to be paid in Hungarian forints as Hungary is not part of the euro zone.
      Have a nice trip.

  10. Thank you for the info :)

  11. Dear Sir/Madam

    Could you please advise on Budapest to Vienna and Vienna to Prague by train, bus and tourist vehicle and how much it costs

    Thanks very much

  12. Richard Perks says:

    i: Anyone can tell me which bus goes from Szarvas to Budapest and at what time it leaves. Is there a ticket agent at bus station?


    • Anna from Budapest says:

      Hello Richard,

      from Szarvas to Budapest there are direct bus routes every day (arrival at Budapest Nepliget bus station) based on Volan Bus timetable:
      (have no idea how long the timetable is valid though, I search for your route on Marc 3o, 2o12)
      so buses leave from Szarvas bus centre at 04:50, 05:30, 06:40, 07:30, 14:55, there are more buses with 1 change during the journey (indirect buses to Budapest Nepliget) For further information, please contact the bus company directly at

      Volanbusz Hungarian Bus Central information desk:
      Volanbusz Hungarian Bus e-mail: ( weekdays only)

  13. Ljubica Marijanovic says:

    How much does it cost to travel from Budapest to Vienna by bus?

  14. Dear Anna,

    T H A N K S !!!!!!

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  15. Dear Anna,

    I’m in Budapest Novotel hotel now and plan to go to Vienna in this weekend, but I don’t know whether the shops and museum are openning during Easter. can you help me?

    Best regards


    • Anna from Budapest says:

      Hello Eric, I am sorry we couldn’t help you in such short notice (the Easter holidays meant that we were also on holidays). Hope you still had a nice time in both Budapest and Vienna.

  16. Dear, Anna

    I´m planning to go from wien to budapest but I wanna go to hvar in kroatia too and then I´ll return to hamburg. do you know what´s the best to do? shall I go first to budapest or kroatia? what´s the best route?

    Best regards,

    • Anna from Budapest says:

      Hello Igor, wow, that sounds a nice train trip. I think you can buy a Vienna / Wien – Budapest train ticket (the Sparschiene) and there seems to be a Budapest – Split, Croatia interrail night train (dep at 5 pm, arrival at about 9:26, Maestral international train – but this train currently does not show up on my search on the official Hungarian train website, sorry. However, there are return night buses to Split from Budapest Nepliget bus centre for a good deal), which sounds quite efficient timewise, doesn’t it? Please check the timetable to see the exact times, and if there is a return night train from Split to Budapest (Hvar is a small island and Split is the closest city as far as I can see on google maps). You can head to Hamburg, Germany from Wien, after the whole return journey (Vienna-Budapest-Split), if you need to touch upon Vienna again (interrail night train – again a solution for accommodation but not for night parties maybe), or you can take a train from Budapest to Hamburg (the shortest trip from Budapest to Hamburg by train is approx. 13 hours in duration, most leave from Keleti train station and some from Deli train station in Budapest. There is a change in Vienna (!) – e.g. a railjet train leaves from Keleti railway station at 5pm and arrives at about 8 am in Hamburg with a change at about 1o pm in Wien).
      Hope this helps. Please try to contact the relevant authorities for more up to date info, I can only check the websites. Have a nice round trip!

  17. Hi,
    Thanks for the forum,
    I would have a question if you do not mind, is it cheaper to travel by bus or train from Budapest to Vienna?
    thank you

    • Anna from Budapest says:

      Hello Mikael, there are various tickets on both, so it depends on how old you are (international student? under 26? pensioner?), when you buy the ticket, if there is Sparschiene discount tickets available, single-return etc.
      Based on my current search on Volanbusz (Hungarian Bus company), the single full fare standard ticket to Vienna from Budapest is about 59oo HUF. The cheaper train ticket (Budapest – Wien) is about half of it, while a standard train ticket is slightly more expensive (64oo HUF). I think you should try the train first (but I am biased towards trains anyway)

  18. I just wanted to get some advice.If travel from Budapest to Vienna can just buy ticket from Hungary or online.

  19. I will travel in July this year.

  20. Hello vis, do you mean to travel from Budapest to Vienna by bus or by train?
    If by bus, you can use the link in the above article – link to, the official bus company in Hungary.
    If by train, you can buy your train tickets online, here is the guide for that:

  21. Hi! I wonder if you know the easiest or the cheapest way to travel from Budapest airport to Vienna?

    Would be very thankful for an answer!

    • Anna at Budapest Blog says:

      Hi Isabell, the easiest and cheapest plus the most comfortable way to get from Budapest to Vienna is by taking the train. Here is the link:
      I would take a taxi or the shuttle bus from Budapest Airport to Keleti Train Station where most trains leave from (unless you have booked a cheap Sparschiene train ticket online in advance, and the train leaves from another train station in the city).
      It is cheaper to take the public transport from Budapest airport, first by the bus to the metro (Kobanya Kispest metro station) then to take M3 metro line to Deak Square, then to change to M2 red metro line, but if you have a suitcase with you, it is not a pleasant ride, but cheap. There are some places where you need to climb stairs, so we locals (if we have bigger luggage, like a rolling suitcase, etc.) prefer to take a shuttle or a cheap taxi to get to the city center. Hope this helps.
      Have good trip to Wien and a nice holiday in Budapest!

      • Hi Anna,
        I am thinking about taking an Eurolines bus from Vienna airport to Budapest nepliget hst. 4. With 2 large lugguages and altogether two persons, is it easy to get a cheap taxi to go to city centre József krt. 4. at around 10pm? Is it safe? Is it expensive to take taxi in Budapest?
        Thanks for your help in advance.

        • Anna's Guide, Budapest Blog says:

          Hi Bernie,
          Budapest taxis, especially in major transport hubs like bus station, train stations, airport are used to tourists with a big suitcase. 2 people with 2 big suitcases / luggage should be fine for any reliable taxi car. We locals tend to think that taxi prices in Budapest are anything but cheap, but with western standards, they are nothing unusual. There is one exception, however: taxi cars / cabs hailed down in the street are 50-100% more expensive than taxis called via phone. So do yourself a favor and do not get a taxi in the street. Getting a taxi via phone will be cheaper and safer. Save some phone numbers in advance in your phone to make your life easier:
          This list is far from complete, but contains the oldest, most well known taxi companies in Budapest with a solid reputation

  22. which is the economical way to travel from vienna to budapest?how much time will we take by bus and train?

    • Anna at Budapest Blog says:

      Hello Manju,
      from Vienna to Budapest the transport system is run by the Austrian authorities, not by the Hungarian train / bus companies.
      Perhaps the bus ticket, as it is about 13 Euros or so (I only checked Orange ways, and its prices are quite reasonable (HUF 3,500 for an adult full price single ticket), plus the trip time is about 3 hours and 10 min.
      The same one way trip from Wien to Budapest by train, at a standard price is about 38-40 Euros, but do check yourself for the given date to see more prices.

  23. Nava Raj says:

    Hello Anna,
    I plan to visit Budapest and then go to Vienna and then travel to Karlsruhe.
    I reach to Budapest on 17th April by Ryan air and spend a couple of nights there ad head for Vienna on 19th April. There I plan to spend a couple of night and head for Karlsruhe. Would you please suggest me the cheapest option to travel? From Karlsruhe, I will return back to Stockholm by Ryan Air. Currently I am in Lulea.

    Nava Raj

    • Anna at Budapest Blog says:

      Hello Nava, I think you should ask the cashier at the train station in Budapest about the Budapest – Wien – Karlsruhe relation. I know that there are trains from Budapest to Karlsruhe, and some of the trains go via Wien Westbahnhof (most go through Gyor, Munchen, which is not good for you). I would ask if you can use the same train ticket from Budapest to Vienna and from Wien to Karlsruhe, and make a Vienna interval on your way to Karlsruhe. Train trips within Hungary can be interrupted, but if you make an interval on your way, you have to get a stamp at the intermittent train station to do so. I have no idea if it is the case outside Hungary, but maybe you have a chance for that (and if they say it is OK, I guess you will have to get an stamp in Wien for your ticket to be able to use it further on to Karlsruhe)
      In other words, maybe – maybe, I am not sure – they allow you to use the same train ticket from Budapest to Vienna, and then you can stay in Vienna for a few days, and then head to Karlsruhe. I think it should be the cheapest solution, but I myself should ask the cashier too, if it is possible to stop for a few days in Wien, and then use the same rail ticket. If it is not possible, you will have to buy a separate Wien – Karlsruhe ticket and check the prices in Wien (bus, train) to see the cheapest option.

      • hi Anna

        i will be in budapest for one day on August 9 , then i will leave next day to vienna . i couldn’t book online as i had some troubles with the website . so i have to book in person when i reach budapest . will i find available seats ? i mean one day before the journey . or the trains are usually full ?

        appreciate your assistance

        • Anna's Guide, Budapest Blog says:

          Hello Rabih, there are always enough seats and several trains to Vienna. I have never heard of anyone being stuck in Budapest because all the trains were sold out. That being said, you are coming in the high season to Hungary, plus during the time of the Sziget Festival, which makes Budapest tourism even more loaded, so it is quite probable that you will not be able to take the best train, or the most ideally scheduled train to Vienna. If you can, try to book online in early / mid July again, or book your train ticket in the morning.

  24. Dear Anna
    I am a bit confused to take a bus or train from Budapest to Vienna. Actually I would prefer a comfortable and fast journey. So what would you recommend bus or train and please do tell me the name of the train if you recommend cause they are too many and it’s my first time in Europe.
    Thank you

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