Circus Festival in Budapest, Hungary

The International Circus Festival in Budapest will be from Jan 24 to 28 in 2008, so if you are staying in Hungary these days, and you love circus or your children love it, you can take them to the Hungarian National Circus in Budapest, which is right next to the Zoo and the Amusement Park/ Theme Park, and very close to Széchenyi Spa Bath and the City Park. Performers are coming from Asia (China), America (Canada, US) and Europe (Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Ukraine etc.).

You can order tickets online here. Tickets are available from about 3,000 to 5,000 HUF.

Address: 1146 Budapest,Állatkerti Krt. 12/a. See it on the Budapest Tourist Map.

Hungarian National State Circus in Budapest, Circus Festival stamp series

The Circus building, which is the only stone circus in Central Europe (1850 seats), is not affected by the weather , so it is opened around the year for the audience. On 7th May in 1891 the Holland-German circus director, Ede Wulff opened the wave-tin circus building on iron frames, which he built with a metropolis show. This building would be the later Hungarian State Circus in the place of the Zoo. The sizes of this building were the same like the present day Circus, the only difference was the seating of the room, it seated 2290 before.

(from the website of the Hungarian National Circus)

The heydays of the circus were form 1904 to 1944, featuring for instance, Gábor Eötvös music clown, who has been so far perhaps the most successful Hungarian circus artist. He was not only presented with the national Jászai-prize, but also appreciated by Charlie Chaplin.

Hungarian National State Circus in Budapest, next to the Zoo and the Theme Park The building of the circus is not in a great condition, still radiating a sort of worn-down communist atmosphere. So the retro feeling will soon begone, and a new circus will be constructed in the future (the circus is practically state owned, i.e. it’s in the hands of the Hungarian Circus and Variety Ltd., which belongs to the Ministry of Education).

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