‘The Symptoms’ Contemporary Dance Group in Budapest

‘The Symptoms Group’ Contemporary Dance Group in Budapest was founded at the end of the 1990’s by Réka Szabó, originally a mathematician, who decided to make her hobby a full time job and love. The Symptoms (or in Hungarian ‘Tünet Együttes) have made a peculiar show this time, something David Lynch like, Réka says: “This performance is closer in style to David Lynch’s movies, where sometimes the audience is given some great clues to hang on to, but the story is unclear and never comes full circle.” (Budapest Sun). Imperfections radiating through fear and paranoia interweaving the superficial order of everyday life will be translated into the movements of 6 dancers, who trained for this performance by being physically exposed to random hits of balls while blindfolded. The show is aided by projected images of dancers.

Here is the performance – without sound – to give you some idea:

Premier: February 14, 2008
Venue: Trafó (an especially great place for those who love contemporary dance). See its location on the Budapest Tourist Map:

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