Budapest Events Calendar 2012

Spruce up your Budapest holiday with some of the amazing and fun events taking place in Budapest – a few ideas have been gathered in Budapest Events Calendar 2012 by Top Budapest Travel Guide

Budapest Events Calendar - agenda view

Budapest Events Calendar – agenda view

Each day Budapest has something peculiar to offer, so enjoy Budapest nightlife, live music at bars, cool concerts, classical music events, contemporary dances, sports events like Budapest Formula 1 this summer, or the upcoming Hungary – Netherlands Qualifying Match in September 2012.

Pick a concert, a musical, an exhibition or a gastronomy festival with great wines and traditional Hungarian foods. Pick any genre and you will definitely find something which appeals to you.

Budapest Events Calendar is quite flexible, although it may take some time to download all the events (which is not even a comprehensive list of Budapest events!)

Budapest Events Calendar in agenda view – it is the default view. But you can also take a look at the upcoming events in a monthly overview, which is especially useful if you are planning your Budapest trip in advance. Mind you, many many events are not published until 2-3 weeks before they start (especially smaller concerts and parties).

Budapest Events Calendar in calendar view – if you click on the little calendar icon in the upper left hand corner, you can switch to calendar view in this neat little Budapest Events Calendar

Budapest Events Calendar - calendar view

Budapest Events Calendar – calendar view

Museum Cafe and Restaurant (Múzeum Étterem) in Budapest Hungary

Museum Cafe and Restaurant (Múzeum Étterem) is right next to the National Museum in the city center. The reputable restaurant also recommended by the Michelin Guide for Budapest Restaurants was established in 1885. So that’s why its name is also Museum. The large wall painting, the mural has been made by one of the national celebrity painters of the 19th century, Karoly Lotz. The wine list is quite long featuring many of the 22 Hungarian wine regions. Saturday only lunch specials are recommended if you want to taste something Hungarian in an old-style Hungarian restaurant.

Museum Cafe and Restaurant (Múzeum Étterem) in Budapest at the National Museum

Address: Múzeum krt. 12. Budapest 8th district 1088
Phone: 00-36-1-338-4221
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12:00- 24:00 (Sundays closed)
Note: after 7pm booking a table is a good idea (even though the restaurant seats 120+40). World-renowned Hungarian Zsolnay porcelain is used for serving. Closed on Sundays.
Getting here:

  • metro (red line) Astoria station, then a few minute walk or (blue line) Kálvin tér station then a few min walk on Múzeum krt.
  • trams/ streetcars: number 47 or 49
  • buses: number 9 or 15

See the location of Museum Cafe and Restaurant on the Budapest Tourist Map (check the knife and fork map icon in the middle, and click on the icons to learn more about the neighboring places of interest or click on the View Larger Map blue link under the map). Notice that Museum Cafe and Restaurant is only a few steps from the National Museum (entrance is free!), and is also very close to the old Jewish district with the Grand Synagogue (Moorish-Byzantine neolog synagogue), as well as the beautiful Pushkin Film Theater (Puskin Mozi). The Reformed Church on Kálvin tér or the Franciscan Church on Ferenciek tere are about 5-10 min walk to Muzeum Restaurant.

View Larger Map

Alabardos Restaurant (Alabardos Etterem) Budapest

Alabardos Restaurant (Alabardos Etterem), which is located in a nice old Gothic building from the 15th century, is only a few steps from the Gothic Matthias Church and the panoramic ramparts on top of the Castle hill called Fishermen’s Bastion. Alabardos Etterem is recommended by the Budapest Michelin guide. The restaurant has a terrace and a garden besides the internal rooms, which are all decorated in a style that combines medieval memorabilia, walls, colors with 19th century refurbishment. “The atmosphere inside is hushed and elegant, although slightly pretentious. They appreciate “appropriately” dressed guests at this conservative establishment” (Frommer’s travel guide, New York Times). Wine selection is assisted by a sommelier. World-famous Zsolnay and Herend porcelains are used for dining.

Knights Room in Alabardos Restaurant on Castle Hill in Budapest Buda side

Address: Országház utca 2, Budapest 1014
Phone: 00-36-1-356-0851
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 19:00.-23:00, Sat: 12:00-16:00 and 19:00-23:00 (Closed on Sunday)
Note: Closed on Sunday. Music: live classical music and guitar solos (unobtrusive). Booking in advance is recommended. Attire: preferably formal.

Gothic Terrace of Alabardos Restaurant on Castle Hill in Budapest Buda side
Getting here:

  • bus: Várbusz (minibus leaving from Moszkva tér metro station) or Bus number 16 from Deák tér metro station
  • Funicular from Adam Clark square at the Chain Bridge, then turn right and walk towards the Matthias church tower

See the location of Alabardos Restaurant on the Budapest Tourist map (check the knife and fork map icon in the middle, and click on the icons to learn more about the neighboring places of interest). Notice that Alabardos Restaurant is in the Castle District on top of the Castle Hill (Varhegy), very close to the Matthias Church, the Fishermen’s Bastion, the Hungarian House of Wines, the historical little confectioner’s Cafe Ruszwurm, and of course the Royal Palace itself with its numerous exhibitions.

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Gundel Restaurant Budapest (Gundel Étterem) Photos, Basic Info and More

Gundel Budapest (also mistakenly called Gundels or Grundel Restaurant) is a has grown a solid term over the last decades in Hungary. Gundel Restaurant (Gundel Etterem) bears aristocratic majesty in its several rooms with antique furniture, walls, glasswork, etc. Although the well-known restaurant is recommended by the Budapest Michelin guide, so far no stars have been give to it (strangely enough, not to any of the restaurants in the former Eastern block behind the iron curtain).

Magnificent classical interior in Gundel Restaurant Budapest Hungary

As the New York Times’ Frommer’s travel guide writes: “Budapest’s fanciest and most famous restaurant, Gundel was reopened in 1992 under the auspices of the well-known restaurateur George Lang, owner of New York’s Café des Artistes. The Hungarian-born Lang, author of The Cuisine of Hungary, and his partner Ronald Lauder, son of Estée Lauder and a one-time New York gubernatorial candidate, spared no effort in attempting to re-create the original splendor for which Gundel, founded in 1894, achieved its international reputation.”

Gundel Restaurant in Budapest Andrea room

Sunday brunches, which change their theme every week, are quite affordable for 5800 HUF (there’s a 50% discount for children under 15, while it’s free under 5)

Gundel Restaurant  in Budapest Elisabeth ball room Erzsébet bálterem

Address: Állatkerti út 2. Budapest 1146 (14th district)
Phone: 00-36-1-468-4040
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-16:00 and 18:30-24:00, Colonnade Bar: 09:00-24:00, Sunday Brunch: 11:30-15:00
Note: Book a table in advance. Celebs are frequent, pets are not allowed (nor celeb dogs as the cross-section). Attire: formal (jackets in the evenings are obligatory). House specialties are smoked gooseliver, lamb, wild-game entrees, Gundel pancake dessert (Gundel palacsinta) with chocolate, ground walnut, etc.

Gundel Restaurant  in Budapest Music Room Zeneszoba

Getting here

  • metro (yellow underground line) at Hosok tere station
  • trolley bus: number 72, get off at either Szondi utca or Állatkert stop (the restaurant is about halfway between the two stops)

Gundel Restaurant in Budapest Andrassy Room Andrássy terem
See the location of Gundel Restaurant on the Budapest Tourist Map (check the knife and fork map icon in the middle, and click on the icons to learn more about the neighboring places of interest or click on the View Larger Map blue link under the map). Notice that Gundel Restaurant is close to the Museum of Fine Arts, the Hall of Arts and the Millennial Monument on Heroes’ Square. The restaurant is practically neighboring the Art Deco ZOO, as well as the Budapest Circus and is fairly close to the Szechenyi Baths at the City Park, and the House of Horror museum on Andrassy avenue.

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And this is the Salon of Gundel Budapest:

Gundel Restaurant in Budapest Salon

Nice, isn’t it?

Mokka Cafe and Restaurant in Budapest City Center

Mokka Cafe and Restaurant is one of the restaurants in Budapest recommended by Michelin guide. Its style is trendy-elegant ‘ethno-eclectic’ combining African-Mediterranean colors and elements. But it’s also ethno-eclectic in its cuisine in a sense that the restaurant is striving to create its own Mokka versions of international and Hungarian dishes with a modern flair. Sommelier helps you to pick wines. Pricey.

Mokka Cafe and Restaurant in Budapest downtown

Address: Sas utca 4., Budapest 1051
Phone: 00-36-1-328-0081
Opening hours: (lunch and dinner) Mon-Sun 12:00-24:00
Getting here:

  • metro (all lines) Deák tér station
  • tram/streetcar: number 2,

See the location of Mokka Cafe and Restaurant on the Budapest Tourist Map (check the knife and fork map icon in the middle, and click on the icons to learn more about the neighboring places of interest or click on the View Larger Map blue link under the map). Notice that Mokka Cafe and Restaurant is very close to the Parliament, the Basilica and Roosevelt square with the Chain Bridge & the Gresham Palace or Hotel Sofitel.

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photo from diningout

Budapest Restaurants recommended by Michelin

Unfortunately, Michelin is said to be very slow to react to changes at restaurants, especially in non-Western Europe. Several Budapest restaurantsare striving for the appreciation of this established gourmet institute but they need to be patient, similarly to other Central-European counterparts where Michelin stars have rarely been given (the first Michelin star went to Allegro Restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel of Prague).

Budapest Onyx Restaurant - Michelin 1 star

Budapest Onyx Restaurant – Michelin 1 star

See the Best Restaurants in Budapest.

So what are the best restaurants in Budapest that have been awarded with a Michelin star or other recommendation?

Budapest Restaurants with Michelin stars

Bib Gourmand restaurants in Budapest

Budapest restaurants recommended by Michelin guide

If you are wondering where you could have a nice coffee and cake, have a look at the Best cafe guide in Budapest.


Last updated June 2012

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Budapest Bib Gourmand Restaurant: Nancsi Neni Vendegloje

Although there is still no Michelin-star restaurant in Eastern-Europe, including Hungary, Budapest has a Bib Gourmand restaurant: Nancsi Neni Vendegloje (approx. the Inn of Aunt Nanchie). Needless to say, being the proud owner of the Bib Gourmand for more than five-six years, Nancsi Neni Vendegloje attracts a wide variety of local and foreign folks, couples, large groups or families. The restaurant is in the green area of Buda hills in Budapest, about 20-30 min. drive from Budapest city center. In fair weather, there is a huge open air area under century old oak and chestnut trees, and the restaurant pays special attention to families (diaper changer, climber, wooden train, etc.), guests with pets are very welcome, and bikers don’t need to worry about bike racks.

See the Best Restaurants in Budapest.

Budapest Bib Gourmand Restaurant Nancsi Neni Vendegloje

Address: Ordogarok street (Ördögárok utca) 80., Budapest H-1028
Phone: 00-36-1-398-7127
Opening hours: 12 pm- 11 pm
Getting here:

  • by public transport: from Moszkva tér metro station (red line) it takes about 25-35 min. Take the streetcar/ tram number 56 (you can also take it from Hotel Gellert). Go to the terminal (approx. 20 min from Moszkva) then change to one of the following buses: bus number 57 or 63 or 157 and get off at the third stop called Széchenyi utca.
  • by car/ bike: go to Moszkva tér on the Buda side, and take Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor road. For about 15 min just go straight ahead following the road (in a few min the name of the road changes from Szilágyi to Huvosvolgy/ Hűvösvölgyi út). Check the streets on the left for Ordogarok utca/ Ördögárok utca. Turn left and look for number 80.

See the location of Nancsi Neni Restaurant on the Budapest Tourist Map: knife and fork map icon in the middle. Notice that the restaurant is quite close to the Children’s Railway and its Museum as well as the Bela Bartok Museum & Memorial House or the Chairlift in Budapest (Libego/ Libegő)

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Daubner Confectionery (Daubner Cukrászda) Budapest: The Yummy Factor

Daubner Confectionery or Daubner Cukrászda in Budapest is unanimously one of the best confectioneries in Hungary, underlining a strong Yummy Factor (is there a Yummy Award already? there should be one). The only drawback is that it’s about 20-30 min from the city center (districts 5 and 6) by public transportation, which is luckily quite frequent. Locals rave about it, while tourists rarely take this off-route track to discover one of the true gems in Budapest. Deeply and heavenly delicious cakes, strudels, pies, confectionery poetry, as well as salty snacks (pogácsa) await the reckless visitor here. Even if you are a dieter, you will find the cake of your choice with low calorie. As Fodor’s travel guide writes: “It’s with good reason that this popular confectioner has lines outside the door each morning. Every pastry here is delicate and light. Even a novice can taste the real butter cream in the famous Eszterhazy torta, which is a truly magnificent cake. Locals say the Sacher torte is every bit as good as it is in the famous Sacher Hotel in Vienna.”

Address: Budapest Szépvölgyi út 50., Budapest, 2nd district (II. ker.) 1025
Phone: 00-36-1-335-2253 or cell 00-36-20-225 05 05
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 09:00 – 19:00
Note: Daubner Confectionery is most of the time full of people, so please calculate with some waiting
Getting here: take bus number 60 at Batthyány tér metro station (red line) and get off at Kolosy tér, alternatively, take the suburban train (HÉV) and get off at Kolosy tér. From Kolosy tér you can walk up the hill (5 min) or take buses 65 or 165 and get off at ‘Ürömi út’ the first stop from Kolosy square. (You can also take bus 29 and get off at Uromi ut, but it’s a tiny bit farther from Daubner Cukrászda than the other two buses). It is really just one stop, so there’s no way you could miss it. Where you see a many people, families gathered that’s Daubner (on the left side)!

See the location of Daubner Cukrászda on the Budapest Tourist Map (check the knife and fork map icon in the middle, and click on the icons to learn more about the neighboring places of interest or click on the View Larger Map blue link under the map). Notice that Daubner Cukrászda is relatively close to the Roman amphitheater (Aquincum Museum), the Pálvölgyi Dripstone Cave and the spa luxury hotel, Ramada Plaza Budapest.

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From Budapest to Vienna by Bus: Quick Guide

Traveling by bus from Budapest to Vienna is a no brainer. Here are some frequently asked questions with the answers:

How much does it cost to travel from Budapest to Vienna by bus?

The bus ticket prices vary between 2900 HUF/ 11 euros / 15 USD up to approx. 5900 HUF/ 23 euros / 35 USD (for a single bus trip) or 3900 HUF/ 14 euros / 20 USD up to approx. 8900 HUF/ 34 euros / 51 USD (for a return bus trip). It’s the price of a full adult ticket (occasionally, you can get a return ticket at the same price as a single ticket – limited edition and period). See further deals below!

Is it cheaper if I buy it online?

Buses from Budapest to Vienna Volánbusz services faux image

Yes, it is: you can buy the bus ticket on the internet for only about 2,900 HUF/ 11 euros/ 17 USD (single ticket) and 3900 HUF/ 15 euros/ 22 USD. But be careful as the ticket is only valid on the stated specific day, it cannot be modified or exchanged, and it’s not easy to get as there is a limited offer per bus) and you can buy it here on the official site of the Hungarian bus company, Volán The destination box recognizes both WIEN or VIENNA.

Are there any further deals or reductions?

If you are under 26, you can get bus tickets with a 50% reduction! In addition, if you stay a few days in Vienna, it is worth calculating with a Vienna public transport pass (2-day pass for 10 euros / 15 USD). It means that you may be better off with a train ticket combined with a Viennese public transport pass in the train ticket price. Check the current deals for trains.

Where do buses from Budapest to Vienna leave?

Buses leave from Népliget central bus station. You can easily get there by taking the metro (M3 blue metro line) and getting off at Népliget station (approx. 15-20 min from the city center, Deák tér station). You can also take the bus to Arpad Bridge, i.e. Árpád híd station, but to make sure you have a better seat (if it is not numbered) it’s better to get on the bus at the terminal (Népliget – say: nape-ligh-at).

Hey, where on earth is Népliget bus station?

OK, here’s the Budapest Tourist Map to help you (see the blue bus sign in the middle? You can also click on any of the icons to get more info, or follow the blue link ‘View Larger Map’ under the map to get a larger picture of Budapest.

View Budapest Tourist Map in a larger map

How long does the bus ride take?

Traveling time is about 3-4 hours – depending on which bus you manage to get on.

Are there any delays and inconveniences when the bus crosses the border of Austria and Hungary?

Not any more! Hungary joined the Schengen area December 21, 2007. No more borders to keep buses up for passport check. (likewise, rail passengers enjoy the same smooth crossing between the two countries).

How many buses leave from Budapest to Vienna a day? What about the bus schedule?

Bus rides are quite frequent. For instance, on a Saturday, you could leave from Budapest at 7am, 12pm, 15:30, 5pm and 8 pm. The Budapest-Vienna bus schedule on an average Wed is 7am, 12pm, 15:30, 5pm. But always check the fresh data, please.

Where can I buy Volánbusz bus tickets in Budapest?

Vendors are all over Budapest, so you don’t need to go to Népliget for no reason. Here’s a simple Budapest international bus map customized for the Budapest-Vienna travels:

Are buses comfortable?

Most of them are OK. Not super comfy, but they are OK. Personally, I have alway been favoring trains (to stretch out, to eat, etc.) so it certainly influences my judgment.

Any quick programs at Népliget bus station?

If you are stuck at Népliget and you have a couple of hours to spend, for example you want to eat something in the neighborhood: a, the city center is only 15-20 min by metro (blue metro line). b, you can have a delicious Chinese lunch or dinner at Taiwan Chinese Restaurant in Budapest (Taiwan Étterem). It’s not a budget Chinese restaurant – quite on the contrary.

Take the M3 blue metro line for 1 stop to Nagyvárad tér station (see the knife and fork sign on the map).

Buses or Trains from Budapest to Vienna?

The vast majority of users on travel forums (me added) will say: TRAINS. Here is a quick guide to a train trip: Trains from Budapest to Vienna

Last updated: June 29, 2012

Menza Restaurant Budapest: a Good Restaurant close to Oktogon Square

Menza Restaurant Budapest is very-very popular both among locals and tourists, especially 20-40 somethings. As the New York Times’ Frommer’s travel guide puts it “the decor here is decidedly retro and reminiscent of the ’60s or ’70s without the accompanying disco beats. The food, on the other hand, is traditional but sumptuous.” Prices are relatively reasonable, smoking and non-smoking seats are available. The restaurant is located on Liszt Ferenc tér – a few steps from Oktogon Square, which is on Andrássy avenue (see the map below).

Menza Restaurant Budapest on Liszt Ferenc tér
Address: Liszt Ferenc tér 2, Budapest 6th district (VI. ker.) 1061
Phone: 00-36-1-413-1482
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10 am – midnight
Getting here:

  • underground (yellow metro line), Opera station
  • trams/ streetcars: number 4 or 6

Note: the owner of the restaurant first that started to export Tisza shoes (Communist-era footwear) to Europe as a kind of post-communist retro item (design gym shoes – store on Astoria). The design was made by Roland Radványi (who also made the design of the nearby Klassz Bistro). The name menza means ‘cheap canteen menu’ in Hungarian, and there is still a living example of the real old communist times of it on the Buda side (Pajtás Restaurant).
See the location of Menza Restaurant Budapest on the Budapest Tourist Map (check the knife and fork map icon in the middle, and click on the icons to learn more about the neighboring places of interest or click on the View Larger Map blue link under the map). Notice that Menza Restaurant Budapest is very close to the Opera House as well as the Operetta Theater, the House of Photography, and the House of Terror museum on Andrassy út.

View Larger Map

Read more about the Best Restaurants in Budapest.

photo from siyach

Best Restaurants in Budapest, Hungary

Sure it’s not easy to find the best restaurants in Budapest Hungary, not only because tastes and wallets differ, but because there are not many good guides that are customized for you (that’s an inherent semantic problem I guess). The present list is a combination of several respected and received lists.

First, the internationally recognized Michelin guide on Budapest.

Then there’s the Hungarian culinary blog, Chew, which has got a very nice and continuously updated collection of the Top 33 restaurants, based on which I have attempted to make a user-friendly quick restaurant guide, taking the nationality feature as the leading thread (within that: alphabetical order). If you click on the individual restaurants you will get a quick overview of the restaurants: basic info (address, phone, opening hours, etc.), general atmosphere description, a characteristic photo and a map – contextualized in the major Budapest attractions (also pointing out what places of interest you may find worth checking out).


Asian (primarily Chinese)








updated: March 04, 2008

To see the Best cafe guide in Budapest follow the link.