Budapest Bike Rentals: Where Can You Rent a Bicycle?

OK, so you want to rent a bike in Budapest? Make your bike rental decision informed. Riding a bike in Budapest is fun and not fun: conditions are not so much acceptable presently, although Budapest could potentially offer one of the greatest urban cycling experiences ever. Once the bike culture will be even more improved (more careful drivers, a lot more biking routes)… and cycling in Budapest will be in the top ten things to do in Budapest!

Attitude towards biking in Budapest has changed a lot in the past few years, the Critical Mass movement has grown stronger than ever, and luckily, more and more Budapest pubs and bars offer bike parking facilities, especially the so called ruin pubs. So enjoy it, but don’t expect to have conditions like in Amsterdam. Here’s a pic from Budapest Critical Mass :)

Good to know:

  • Geography: Budapest has two parts. Buda is hilly and Pest is totally flat, easy to bike. In some places there are quite good bike routes along the river Danube, mostly on the Buda side
  • Public transport with bike: you cannot travel on the metro= underground with bike. On trains you must buy a ticket for your bike (nominal fee, but a must).
  • Biking routes: bike routes are oftentimes shared with pedestrians, who are not used to speeding bikers, please be careful.
  • Cars vs. Bikes: car drivers don’t really like bikers (euphemism), and unfortunately won’t typically yield to bikers or pedestrians – again, be careful.
  • Bike thieves: unlike in the Netherlands, for instance, you should NOT leave your bike unlocked – it will disappear in a moment. Lock it safely, lock it well.

There are some bike rental places in Budapest (some ask for a deposit). The ones that are conveniently located are the following:

Bike Base

BikeBase bicycle rental offers a wide range of bikes, from MTBs to city cruisers, plus you can also rent customized biking tours in Budapest.

  • Bikes: from mountain bikes through city cruisers to children’s bikes, something to suit all ages and styles.
  • Extras: (included in the price) helmet, locks, tour tips, map, if outside Budapest: panniers, repair tool kit
  • Address: Podmaniczky utca 19, 1065 Budapest
  • Phone: 00-36-70-625-85-01 or 00-36-1-269-59-83
  • Opening hours: 9 am – 7 pm (earlier or later too, if arranged via phone)
  • Rental prices:

9 EUR (2 600 HUF) for 24h
16 EUR (4 600 HUF) for 48h
Special price for longterm rent. If you cannot pick up or return the bike to the shop, for a nominal fee, Bike Base will collect or deliver anywhere within Budapest city limits.

Budapest Bike

Besides renting bikes here, the guys at Budapest Bike also promise to take you to places you should not but might miss, to help with avoiding tourist traps while in Budapest, to point out where to go and what to see. You can also rent biking tours here for about 5000 HUF (dirt cheap in Budapest), or Pub Crawl bike tours (min 4 pubs, 4 hours) for 20 euros. Bikes can be rented for 3 or more days 2500HUF /day and you can hire tandem bikes too.

  • Bikes: Gepida Alboins (women’s & men’s)
  • Extras: (included in the price) helmet, chain, lock and limited insurance as stated in the rental contract.
  • Address: Wesselenyi u. 18. Budapest 1077
  • Phone: 00-36-30-944-5533
  • Rental Prices:

6 hours: 2000HUF
1 day: 3000HUF
2 day: 5000HUF
3 or more days 2500HUF/day

Budapest Tourist Map shows the different bike rental locations (check the green bicycle map icon)

View Larger Map

Bringo Hinto

BringoHinto rental offers bikes and bike carts or kids cars, etc. on Margitsziget (Margaret Island).

  • Bikes: mountain & city bikes, adult and kid bike carts
  • Address: Hajos Alfred setany 1., Budapest 1138
  • Phone: 00-36-329-2746

Free Riders bike rental, Budapest

Free Riders bicycle rental is close to Petofi Bridge, so you can take a ride to the Palace of Arts, to Rakoczi Bridge, etc. 

  • Bikes: not specified
  • Extras: helmet, lock, basket container, etc.
  • Address: Lonyay street 60. Budapest, District  IX. (close to Petofi Bridge on the Pest side)
  • Phone: 00-36-30 816 4192 or 00-36 30 816 4192
  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri 14.00-18.00, closed at weekends
  • Prices:

1-5 h 300 HUF/ hour
24 h 3,000 HUF
24+ h 2,000 HUF
Deposit is HUF 10,000

Some useful Cycling words in Hungarian:

  • bike: bringa (brin-gah), bico (bits-oh), bicaj (bi-tsoi)
  • bicycle: kerekpar (care-ache-phaar)
  • wheel: kerek (care-ache)
  • pump: pumpa (poom-pah)
  • lock: lakat (lock-ot)
  • berel (bay-rel)

Please help me to update the info. Thanks.


  1. Albert Schorr says:

    Ich möchte geren bei einer Fahrt nach Budapast für ein paar Tage ein Fahrrad mieten. Da ich auf Räder mit Rücktritt eingerichtet bin, will ich keins, was Freilauf hat, das ist mir zu gefährlich. Bekomme ich bei Ihnen ein Rad mit Rücktritt und wenn möglich mit Nabenschaltung?

    • Anna from Budapest says:

      Dear Albert, I put your German question into the Google translate tool and I got an incomprehensible question back (I want to rent for a trip to Geren Budapast a bike for a few days. Since I’m set on wheels with coaster, I want none of that has free run, that’s too dangerous. Do I get you a bike with coaster and if possible with hub gears?) – Could you please try to send your query in English again? Thank you.

  2. Hi Anna, great useful information in your post but is something changed in last 4 years (since you have wrote the post) in the attitude on the street regarding the bikers? (I am referring to the attitude of the cars & pedestrians)?
    Also how is Budapest for street rollerblading?
    Thank you

  3. Anna from Budapest says:

    Hello Andrei, unfortunately there are no tangible changes and I’m afraid it will take 3-4 decades to grow a more bike friendly culture in Budapest.
    Street rollerblading in Budapest? – good question. There are some pavements where the quality of the pavement is OK, and you may enjoy rollerblading. There is a favourite place for rollerblading called Görzenál (Gorzenal) – also used for BMX, climbing walls, speed skating, etc. in Budapest.
    Another option for rollerblading in Budapest is the Skatepark on the top of the car park of WestEnd City shopping mall.
    But the big Budapest parks like City Park (Városliget), Margaret Island (Margitsziget), etc. are great options:

  4. Joni Hulsmans says:

    Ik heb moeite met het vinden naar een winkel waar ze fietsen voor een week verhuren. Ik heb zo de indruk dat je enkel per dag kunt huren. Weet jij een fietsenverhuur waar het mogelijk is om de fiets te huren voor 6 dagen?
    Dank bij voorbaat en Groetjes!

  5. Go Retro – bike rental with retro style bicycles! Check – from city cruisers to tandems and even penny farthings located in a nice and quiet park area :)

  6. Yaroslav says:

    Hi! Could anyone tell me the conditions of renting a bicycle in Budapest? Do I need to leave any documents or make a deposit? Or can I just pay for rent and that’s all? Could you advise me a cheap bicycle rental and any travel routes? I would be greatful for the links provided:)

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