Balettcipo (Balettcipő Eszpresszó) a Cozy Cafe & Restaurant in Budapest

The Mediterranean themed Balettcipo restaurant (the Hungarian ‘eszpresszó’ term may mislead you) serves international cuisine, from burgers to non-burgers, and is at the same time a good relaxed cafe. It takes up about 50 people, many of them regulars, plus there’s the terrace from spring to autumn. The New York Times reviewer wrote: “A colorful, cheerful coffeehouse/bar in the heart of the theater district — behind the Opera house, “Ballet shoe” has a laid-back, open atmosphere … a simple yet refreshing cafe-style menu.” The cafe also came top on two Hungarian lists: one on, a food blog and the other is (coffee houses critics), which well indicates that this is a kind of place where you can go to have a quick snack, a full meal or a long coffee session. Recommended.

Balettcipo eszpresszo a good cafe and restaurant close to Liszt ter in Budapest

Address: Hajós utca 14, 1065 Budapest
Phone: 00-36-1-269-3114
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8am-12am, Sat-Sun 10am-12am
Note: good burgers, Illy coffee, natural folks-not the chic I am gals and guys

See the location of Balettcipo restaurant on the Budapest Tourist map (the knife and fork icon in the middle stands for Balettcipő Eszpresszó – click on the icons to learn more about the neighborhood incl. the Opera House, the Operetta Theater, the House of Terror museum, etc.):

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